ACDA Membership

There are two types of memberships in the ACDA.

Active Community Member

There is a distinction between the Ayual as a community and the Ayual Community Development Association as a non-profit organization. All citizens of the Ayual Community, regardless of their respective locations, are qualified to join the ACDA under the condition that they pay the $120 annual membership fee.

All Ayual Community members who are current members of the ACDA, are qualified to serve in leadership roles within the organization. These roles include board, committee, and executive leadership positions.

Friends of the ACDA/Ayual Community

All non-Ayual community members can join the ACDA through active participation which includes paying the $120 annual membership fee. Similar to the Active Community Member, the Friends of the ACDA/Ayual Community have opportunities to serve on the ACDA Board and committees. The distinction being that Friends of the ACDA/Ayual Community are not eligible to serve in executive leadership positions. Other available opportunities include internships, research, and grant writing.

The ACDA does not utilize membership dues for any administrative fees. All donations and annual membership fees are used to subsidize ACDA projects and are fully tax deductible.

Membership Form

Complete this application to join the ACDA.