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Our membership is comprised of Active Community Members and Committed Friends.

Active Community Member

All Ayual Community natives are eligible for membership as long as they actively and annually pay a membership fee of $120 yearly. There is a big difference between the Ayual as a community and the Ayual Community Development Association as a non-profit organization, which means all citizens of the Ayual Community, regardless of their respective locations, are qualified under the condition that they pay $120 per year. All Ayual Community members, who are members of the ACDA, are qualified to serve in leadership, which includes executive, board, and committee positions.

Committed Friends of the ACDA/Ayual Community

All non-Ayual Community members can join the ACDA membership through active participation, which includes paying $120 annually. Admission as a Member can be considered after the 2nd year payment, leaving the 1st year for orientation. Opportunities for admitted Members include serving on the ACDA Board and committees of one’s choice except the executive position.

Annual fees are used for general funding and are tax deductible.

How To Become a Member or Friend

Please complete this form if you would like to be considered for the ACDA membership and pay your membership by either writing a check to the ACDA, signing up for bank to bank payment or by contacting our ACDA financial team for other form of payment.

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2015 Ayual Community Development Association
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Omaha, Nebraska
September 4th-7th
Reservvation due by August 21, 2015
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